Product Name : NP400L
Product No : NP400L


Maximum workpiece (mm) 750 x 550 x 215 mm
Max. Work piece Weight 500kg
Travel of X/Y axes 400 x 300 mm
Travel of U/V axes 80 x 80 mm
Travel of Z axis 220mm
Wire diameter 0.15~0.3mm
Number of axes controlled XY Axis Linear motor,UVZ Axis AC Servo Motor
Max taper angle ±22°/ 80mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle
Machine size 2260 x 2525 x 2100 mm
Machine Weight 3050kg
Water tank capacity 650L
* The content of this catalogue is subject to be changed by the factory.

High Precision

  • Smart Corner Control
  • Stable Discharge Module
  • SFC Super Finish Circuit

Cost Saving

  • Intelligent Power Management
  • ave Wire Consumption
  • ow running cost


  • High speed Auto Wire Threading
  • Workpiece Transfer Robot
  • Auto Measurement and Correction

Intelligent Networking

  • Remote monitor and management
  • Connect all Controller
  • Portable device monitor


  • DPM module
  • DPM Entrance mark control
  • EF Electrolysis Free generator system

Standard Accessories

  • Ion exchange resin
  • Paper filter
  • Diamond guide
  • Flushing nozzle
  • Power feed contact
  • Brass wire
  • Clampling Jig
  • Power feed measurement
  • Alignment Jig
  • Toolbox


  • XY axis linear scale
  • AWT
  • Auto Voltage Regulator (15KVA)
  • Transformer
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Remote Monitor System
  • Super Finish Circuit
  • Multi-Level cutting
  • Jumbo Feeder (L-50A)
  • W Axis
  • Wide angle nuzzle