Product Name : V350
Product No : V350
Model V350
Max. Work piece Size 700x500x215mm
Max. Work piece Weight 450kg
Table Travel of XY 350x250mm
U&V Axis Travel 80x80mm
Z Axis Travel 220mm
Wire Diameter 0.15~0.3mm
Number of axes controlled 5 Axis AC Servo Motor
Maximum Taper Angle ± 26°/ 100mm (Wide diamond guide and nozzle)
Machine Dimensions 2050x2050x1980mm
Machine Weight 2700kg
Tank Capacity 600L
Paper Filter  2/pcs
Deionizer AUTO
Chiller Unit AUTO
Input Power Supply 13KVA/3Ø*220v±10%
Compressed air  6 bar. 5m3/h (Need for AWT)
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  • Submerged type: V350
  • X/Y Stroke: 350/250mm
  • Z Stroke: 220mm
  • MAX Taper: ±26°/80mm

A rugged cast iron design is the foundation of precision.

Precision is achieved through Extended distance between linear guide ways; Cryogenic treatment of C1 class ball screw; Supported by two sides and a high resolution AC servomotor. Theses outstanding features boost accuracy in micro step amounts up to 1 μm.

V650 X-axis positioning accuracy (By Laser measurement system)

Laser calibration, pitch error compensation.

Close loop linear scale (Option).

Standard Accessories

  • Ion exchange resin
  • Paper filter
  • Diamond guide
  • Flushing nozzle
  • Power feed contact
  • Brass wire
  • Clampling Jig
  • Power feed measurement
  • Alignment Jig
  • Toolbox


  • XY axis linear scale
  • AWT
  • Auto Voltage Regulator (15KVA)
  • Transformer
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Remote Monitor System
  • Super Finish Circuit
  • Multi-Level cutting
  • Jumbo Feeder (L-50A)
  • W Axis
  • Wide angle nuzzle