CNC with Easy Operation Dialogue Interface System

  1. Plentful of erosion data base: Automatic generator the function of erosion condition, just input the electrode material, electrode size, erosion depth, can automatic generator of erosion condition accordingly.
  2. Friendly operation: With dialogue operation interface easy to understand.
  3. X/Y axis use Ball screw: to have easy transmission and accuracy.
  4. Automatic parameter change: Fast erosion to fine Tinish erosion computer automatic calculator to generator best erosion condition to use, provide efficiency and accuracy to save the worKng time.
  5. Equal pulse power supplier: When big electrode or depth erosion, computer can calculator of servo speed, special for accuracy and complete part machining.
  6. Special function: for copper, graphite, tungsten carbide circuit to improve the erosion speed and less electrode wear.
  7. ARC & Short circuit Protection: Automatic monitor of erosion status, when ARC or Short Circuit generator will detect GAP feedback signal auto reject of flushing status and adjust erosion frequency.
  8. Safety Protection: Auto Fire detection system、 ARC Protection、Oil Level Detection provide safety security system.
  9. X/Y Axes use Linear scale system.