• Inauguration ceremony of Fengzhou Plant and New Office Building.
  • Taiwan Excellence Awards:V500GL,V1280-Z800”
  • Honored with the 14th " Golden Hand Award "
  • Taiwan Excellence Awards:R2000,V650G”
  • Honored with the 22th " National Award "
  • Honored with the 16th " Rising Star Award "
  • Start of Fengzhou Plant and New Office Building.
  • Successfully developed the step process of wire cutting and the estimate technique of workpiece thickness.
  • The subsidiary “Dongguan Jinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.” was established, and the paid-in capital is RMB 1 million.
  • Successfully developed the world largest wire cutting machine V3280, and its XY travel is 3200mm*2800mm.
  • Successfully developed the first set of wire cutting machine equipped with workpiece auto exchange device in Taiwan.
  • Successfully developed controller remote monitoring and processing date collection technology.
  • Successfully developed small horizontal VP-500 high-precision wire cutting machine.
  • Successfully developed combined type wire cutting machine with aerospace turbine engine, which was sold overseas.
  • Successfully developed 6-axis wire cutting machine and controller.
  • Increased capital NTD 28 million, and the paid-in capital is NTD 108 million, developed business operation in the Greater China Region.
  • Launched high-frequency Super Finishing power supply, which highly increases finished surface roughness.
  • Launched Z-axis 800 large-size AWT wire cutting machine.
  • Established Kunshan EXCETEK Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Its paid-in capital is USD 200 thousand, and the paid-in capital is USD 600 thousand after capital increase.
  • Successfully developed high-frequency fine truing technology so that the machining face can be Ra0.1um below.
  • Participated in German EMO show and successfully entered European market.
  • Successfully developed ultra large type wire cutting machine V2000, and FOB Japan to develop Japanese market successfully.
  • Developed the auto threading system that can pass through 500mm thick workpiece easily.
  • Launched machines like V380, V500, V650 and V750 in TIMTOS show.
  • Participated in ISMEX official exhibition.
  • Developed super large wire cutting machine with 2,000mm travel.
  • Developed the first set of utility Windows XP CNC-wire cutting machine controller in Taiwan.
  • Increased capital NTD 46.4 million,and the paid-in capital is NTD 80 million. Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. became the institutional shareholder, and established strategic alliance.
  • Registered capital NTD 33.6 million, and established “EXCETECK Technologies Co., Ltd.” in Taichung.