keep improving to present perfectness

“First” is not as good as “only”. We use our production technology to show us before the world. Therefore, the execution of “Lean Engineering” and the establishment of workplace environment can continuously improve workplace. Because there is no the “best”, we need to show to the world that we will do “better” forever.

We execute the “Lean Assembly” and make the assembly “station-centered”, so every work station treats the next one as a customer to obtain the best quality. We make the working hours “balanced” so that work hours are balanced and the delivery time is accurate. We make the management “visualized” because visualization can understand the assembly progress and the off-line time. We simultaneously use the 5S plan to eliminate unnecessary assembling waste. With the 5S habit, each worker can have a pleasant working environment and company competitiveness can be increased.

Our future depends on customer’s “trustiness”. Customer’s trustiness is based on our “Quality”, but quality architecture is above “production”, so we will never give up improvement and quality control.