Technology R&D innovation

EXCETECK continuously has invested in various new products and new technologies research and development since its establishment. Although it was established for only 6 years, it can continuously challenge the industry, and use several new wire cutting technologies and new inventions to take the lead in Taiwan and is unequaled globally. The key technologies and inventions are as follows:

  • In October, 2007, we used the high-frequency (Max 4Mhz) oscillatory discharge technology to successfully develop wire-cutting high-frequency truing technology so that the machining face of our wire-cutting products can be Ra0.1um below and substantially reduce time required for truing and break through the wire-cutting technical bottleneck in Taiwan. Therefore, our products can compete with large-scale wire-cutting factories in Europe and Japan.
  • In March, 2009, we delivered the first wire cutting machine equipped with workpiece auto exchange system in Taiwan, which can automatically process small-size and continuous multiple molds, and this machine was exhibited in Taipei Machine Tool Show.
  • In October, 2009, we executed governmental SBIR project and successfully developed R2000 wire cutting machine with turbine engine. This machine is an unequaled new product and has obtained Taiwan and European patent for new invention. This machine is mainly used for processing aerospace turbine engine and hydraulic and thermal power generator turbine rim. With the independent developed 6-axis controller, D2300 NC controlled index plate, auto waste discharging system, and high-speed machining power, customers can process products round the clock. This machine has been successfully sold to European market and purchased by turbine suppliers of Siemens.
  • In December, 2009, we successfully developed the intelligent type remote monitoring software for wire cutting, which can monitor 64 machines simultaneously, and has machine activation statistic analysis and remote processing schedule, and processing database share.
  • In October, 2010, we successfully developed the world largest wire cutting machine V3280,and its XY travel is 3200mm*2800mm. This machine uses the double wire-cutting noses to share the machine body, and has the 8-axial control function. It is used in large-size mold processing and has been successfully sold to Italy. This machine is a patent pending machine.
  • In February, 2011, we used the discharge energy density detection technology and the discharge spectral analysis technology to successfully develop the first wire-cutting workpiece thickness estimate technology and step processing technology, and in March, 2011, we exhibited this machine in Taipei Machine Tool Show.

New Product Roadmap

We established the independent and complete core technologies in machinery, electronic equipment, and software and hardware. The following shows the future R&D:

  • VG series: The standard model of next generation wire cutting machine has been developed, which is aesthetic designed and ergonomic, and equal to medium and advanced machines in Japan.
  • VE series: We executed the high-quality and low-price wire cutting machine plan of the Industrial Development Bureau, launched the series of machines for India, Indonesia, and China mainland.
  • VX series: Full automatic column type large-size wire cutting machine for LCD TV industry and automobile industry, meeting market demands of Japan, Korea and Europe. This product is a key product for establishing the Japanese market.
  • ED series: Advanced CNC EDM product line is commercialized to provide agents and customers with complete products.