EXETECK has passed ISO9001, produces all machines according to international quality requirements, and execute material incoming inspection, process inspection, and outgoing inspection. We carry out QCC and individual improvement activity in our company to look for sources of problems to prevent reoccurrence to let every shipped machine have satisfied quality.

After-sale service :

  • Direct service: After-sale service in Taiwan and China mainland is provided by our company. We set the north service center in Taiwan in order to provide service for regions on the north of Miaoli County. The Taiwan technology department of the headquarters provides after-sale service for south central regions.
  • Indirect service: Service is provided by agents as below
    • Engineer educational training of agents: It requires that engineers of every agent must receive technical training for more than 2 weeks in our company, and they shall return to our company to receive training at regular intervals and technical exchange shall be maintained in the future.
    • Our engineers will provide agents with repair work that agents cannot complete or process technology support, and periodically understand customer’s using conditions and current situations of machines so as to make improvements through feedback.
  • Management of repair spares: Spare warehouse is established in every marketing base, and periodically check inventories of internal and external bases. Problems that can be repaired rapidly are repaired, and network database is estimated to establish repair spare inventory and price list. Spare inventory and delivery date of our company can be clearly checked in every repair base so as to understand deadline.