● The corner control:

Corner control machining parameter controls the machining speed and inhibiting the wire twisting phenomenon, hence reduce cornered 'washout', ensuring machining accuracy and molding compatibility, hence effectivelyimprove molding machining quality and speed.

Operator can adjust quality priority or speed priority according to wire diameter or thickness selector.

proimages/TECHNOLOGY/E_CORNER_CONTROL/corner-10.jpg proimages/TECHNOLOGY/E_CORNER_CONTROL/corner-11.jpg proimages/TECHNOLOGY/E_CORNER_CONTROL/corner-12.jpg

● SFC-Super Finish Circuit

High frequency sparking energy provides Ra 0.14 µm surface roughness with 1 rough cut plus 5 trim cuts.

proimages/TECHNOLOGY/SUPER_FINISH/corner-3.jpg proimages/TECHNOLOGY/SUPER_FINISH/corner-5.jpg
Steel SKD-11, thickness 30mm
proimages/TECHNOLOGY/SUPER_FINISH/awt-2.jpg proimages/TECHNOLOGY/SUPER_FINISH/corner-1.jpg proimages/TECHNOLOGY/SUPER_FINISH/corner-2.jpg

● DPM - Digital Power Manager

DPM is capable of detecting digital signale signals of sparking density, providing feedback to the CNC system and calculating the sparking size.
It controls the sparking energy, wire tension force and water pressure more precisely; increases cutting speed and accuracy when cutting on irregular thickness workpieces.

Comparison using DPM technology Mode Enable Disable
Speed mode 39 Min. 58 Min.
Accuracy mode ±3µm ±15µm
(Under factory test conditions)