Product Name : VQ400S
Product No : VQ400S
Product Description


DescriptionVQ400S (Submerged)
Max. Work piece Dimension(mm) W750xD550xH215
Max. Work piece Weight(kg) 500
Travel of X,Y (mm) 400x300
Travel of U,V (mm) 80x80
Travel of Z (mm) 220
Wire Diameter ø 0.15~0.3 mm
Number of Axes Control (mm) 5 Axis AC servo motor
Maxi. Taper Angle ±22°/80 mm
Machine Dimension (mm) W2100xD2420xH2100
Machine Weight (kg) 2800 kg


Dielectric Tank Specifications 
Tank Capacity (L) 650 L
Paper Filter (PCS) 2 pcs
Deionizer Auto
Chiller unit Auto (optional)
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Auto Wire Threading

200mm Submerge threading

300mm thickness threading in break

High speed Auto Wire Threading System

Workpiece thickness 100mm
Wire annealing and cutting: 10 sec
Threading: 10 sec

Reliable Auto Wire Threading system

The EXCETEK AWT is very sophisticated design that provides continuous unmanned operation day and night. Unlike other systems it can thread at the point of the wire breakage. A water jet function enables the machine to thread workpieces up to 300mm.

The generator

High Frequency Calculating and Pulse Control

  • Using the ‘embedded system’ reduces the loading on the control circuit.
  • An Application-Specific Integrated Chip (ASIC) increases the stability of the circuit.
  • Sparking relevant information Real-time feedback information is used to control the sparking making the erosion process very stable.

Modular Designed System

Using optimum modular design on the electronic PCB circuits all the control functions are load shared. Eachmodule I/O has an LED indicator, which aids trouble-shooting and makes servicing and maintenance more efficient.

EF Electrolysis Free

(AC Power Generator)

EF Electrolysis Free Generator System is a new design which provides cutting performance.