CNC Series


CNC Series



Work table size (WxD)
500 x 400 mm
X/Y axes travel
400 x 300 mm
Z axis travel
400 mm
W axis Travel
400 mm
Electrode size
Ø 0.15 ~ Ø 3.0 mm
Auto electrode changer (Option)
8 pcs
Maxi. electrode length
450 mm
Maxi. workpiece height
400 mm
Maxi. workpiece weight
500 kg
Machine weight
1200 kg
Input power
4.0 KVA
Machine dimension
1500 x 1200 x 1800 mm


Standard Accessories

  • 3 axes DRO with 1μmm Resoulation
  • Electrode Check Ø 0.2mm~Ø 3.0mm
  • Electrode Guide Ø 1.0mm
  • Electrode Pipe 1.0 mm x 10 pcs
  • Work Lamp x 1
  • Tools Box x 1
  • Paper Filter x 2
  • Parallel Pad x 1
  • Electrode High Pressure Pump 80kgs/cm2 x 1


  • A/B axes option
  • Water Filter Tank
  • Auto Electrode Changer System
  • Auto Electrode Check


The Generator & CNC Control
The Generator & CNC Control
Mechanical Structure
CNC Controller Feature

Windows CE With industrial grade PC base CNC controller, provide auto Electrode ware compensation & sparking effect compensation.
CNC provide multi task interface & easy friendly operation interface.

Mechanical Structure
  • HD600C optional 16pcs auto electrode tool changer system
  • CNC HD600C applicate electrode pipe from 0.2mm to 3mm & Maximum workpiece high 400mm.
  • HD600C provide electrode pipe auxiliary support device improve electrode pipe straightness.
  • High Speed small hole drilling EDM HD600C Optional with rotary table W-axis.
  • HD600C use granite table provide stable machining accuracy & reduce effect of temperature changes.