Precision EDM Wire Cutting
The Mold and Die Industry's Secret Weapon to Perfect Molds

We focus on the development and innovation in the EDM sector, offering an integrated service before and after your purchase. Our professional and comprehensive product inventory provides customization services for users with full fledged EDM solutions.

Wire Cutting Machine

We are proud to say that EXCETEK is one of the leading manufactures of Wire cut EDM machines across the Taiwan manufactures and providing world class quality assurance for the machine Model. Consider to the size of the Wire cut EDM machine, we provide the big size machines at the economic consent to the customers and dealers at acceptable price which cannot be given by any of the manufactures . We also provide the small size EDM machines model as per the customer requirements across the globe.
The quality of the machine provides at good provision for user-friendly applications. Our R&D team and production team concentrate on giving the standard precision and control for each machine to customers. Based on the current technology and usage the machine provides the user-interface service application for the customers.