CNC Series


CNC Series



Work table size (WxD)
900 x 600 mm
X/Y axes travel
800 x 600 mm
Z axis travel
600 mm (Option 400 mm)
W axis Travel
600 mm (Option 400 mm)
Electrode size
Ø 0.3 ~ Ø 3.0 mm
Auto electrode changer (Option)
16 pcs
Maxi. electrode length
600 mm (Option 400 mm)
Maxi. workpiece height
600 mm (Option 400 mm)
Maxi. workpiece weight
1500 kg
Machine weight
3200 kg
Input power
4.0 KVA
Machine dimension
2520 x 2500 x 3000 mm
2520 x 2500 x 2600(無水箱)(Option 400)


The Generator & CNC Control
Windows CE With industrial grade of PC base CNC controller, provide auto compensation electrode wear & sparking effect.
CNC provide multitask interface & user-friendly operation interface.

Full-Touch operation

  • Edge Function
  • AEC & AGC Setting
  • Program Setting
  • Abundance Database
  • Machining Monitor
Metrix Editing Selection

Dialogue Metrix Edit System

  • Square Metrix
  • Square-1 Metrix
  • Circle Metrix
  • Linear Metrix
  • Circle Metrix
  • Circle-1 Metrix
Mechanical Structure
  • In HD series, EXCETEK provide 16pcs optional auto electrode tool changer system
  • It is applicate for using electrode rod from 0.2mm to 3mm & Maximum workpiece height 400mm.
  • EXCETEK provide electrode rod with auxiliary support device which improve the straightness electrode rod.
  • EXCETEK provide high Speed small hole drilling EDM with the Optional of rotary table W-axis.
  • EXCETEK use granite table for executing stable machining accuracy & reduce the effects of changing temperature.
  • Optional 20pcs auto electrode tool changer system
  • CNC applicate electrode pipe from 0.3mm to 3mm & Maximum workpiece high 400mm.
  • Provide electrode pipe auxiliary support device improve electrode pipe straightness.
  • High Speed small hole drilling EDM Optional with rotary table W-axis.
  • Use granite table provide stable machining accuracy & reduce effect of temperature changes.
  • 8 AEC-Linear electrode changer(Option)


Standard Accessories

  • 3 axes DRO with 1μmm Resoulation
  • Electrode chuck Ø 0.3mm~Ø 3.0mm
  • Electrode Guide Ø 1.0mm
  • Electrode Pipe 1.0 mm x 10 pcs
  • Work Lamp x 1
  • Tools Box x 1
  • Paper Filter x 2
  • Parallel Pad x 1
  • Electrode High Pressure Pump 80kgs/cm2 x 1


  • A/B axes option
  • Water Filter Tank
  • Auto Electrode Changer System
  • Auto Electrode chuck
  • Auto Guide Changer
  • Water Quality Control Filtration System
  • 3.1~6.0 Electrode pipe clamping system