NP Series


NP Series


  • Comply with TUV CE comformity, both safety and desired design with easy operation.
  • Power slider door design to save installation space and light operation.


NP400L   (Submerged Type)
Max. work piece size
750 x 550 x 215 mm
Wire diameter
0.15 - 0.3 mm
Max. work piece weight
500 kg
Number of axes controlled
XY axis linear motor, UV Z axis AC servo motor
Table travel of X Y
400 x 300 mm
Maximum taper angle
±22°/ 80mm with wide diamond guide and nozzle
U & V axis travel
80 x 80 mm
Machine dimensions
2260 x 2525 x 2100 mm
Z axis travel
220 mm
Machine weight
3050 kg
Dielectric Tank
Tank capacity
650 L
Paper filter
2 / pcs
Chiller unit


Mechanical Structure
High Precision
  • Smart Corner Control, Stable Discharge processing, Super Finish Circuit (SFC) provide more accuracy.
  • DPM module, Precision mark control, Electrolysis Free(EF) generator system.
Cost effective
  • Intelligent access control, Reduce Wire Consumption, Economic concerned price.
Intelligent Networking
  • Remote monitor management, Controller connector, Portable device monitor.
  • High speed Auto Wire Threading, Robo-arm transfer of Workpiece, Probe Auto Measurement and Correction

Machine feature

1. Rigid U, V truss design

2. Stainless steel worktable with hardness HRC 50°.

3. Machine Casting is designed based on the FEA analysis for increasing the rigidity.

4. Machine base with extra wide.

Linear Sheft Motor Driver System


The machine provides the constant temperature for improving the accuracy while machining where the heat generated by the linear motor will affect the accuracy. The water circulation reduces the temperature generated by the linear electric motor from the magnetic field, with high thrust, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Features such as a 0.1 μm high-resolution digital ruler and controller provide high-precision forming and ultra-fine finishing.

1. Coil

2. Magent

3. Shaft

4. Coil

5. Magnetic flux

Improved Operability

4-side Hardened Stainless Steel Table
  • It has certified the standards of TUV Certification for safety and metal desired design.
  • Power slider door design to save installation space and light operation
Intelligent machining mode
Graphical Interface

The HMI panel is easy to operate, using class leading ergonomic technology

Intelligent Machining mode

Workpiece postioning function

Maintenance and Diagnosis information

Technology data search function

Graphical interface

Useful function

Auto Wire Threading
Auto Wire Threading

200mm Submerge threading

200mm Submerge threading

400mm thickness threading in break point

High Speed Auto Wire Threading System
Workpiece thickness 100mm
  • Wire annealing and cutting : 10 sec
  • Threading : 10 sec

Reliable Auto Wire Threading system

In EXCETEK, AWT provides a sophisticated design which generates continuous unmanned operation for 24 hours. Unlike other systems it can thread from the point of the wire breakage or break point.

A water jet function enables the machine to thread workpieces up to 500mm.

On-line measurement system
On-line measurement system

CBefore the machining, on-line measurement and calibration instead of the conventional one, significantly reduce the time to calibrate the workpiece. With the macro command the automatic measurement calibrates the reference point; enhance the machining accuracy. After machining, directly on-line measure the workpiece on the table; avoid the unexpected error from dismount/mount the workpiece.

Multi-workpiece machining
  • Automatic compensating the 3D flatness of workpiece.
  • Automatic compensating the parallelism of workpiece (AR)
  • Automatic machining reference point measurement.
  • Processing AWT automatic wire threading
  • Go to the next workpiece to continue processing.
Processing automation
  • Automatic compensating the parallelism of workpiece (AR)
  • Automatically calibrate the reference point
  • Processing AWT automatic wire threading
  • Automatically measure the results after machining
  • Export the measurement report

Automatic Measurement Application
Cutting Technology
Cutting Technology
Type Without control Using control
A 0 0
B 0 ~ -2 µm -8 ~ -10 µm
C 0 0
D 0 ~ -2 µm -8 ~ -10 µm
Remote Monitor System
Remote Monitor System
Auto Measurement System

Using automatic measurement system, you can be able to find the inclination measurement, AR correction and reference point. EXCETEK provide a probe to measure the accuracy and auto-calibrate the precision mold before machining which reduce the pre-processing time.

With macro instruction, it automatically measure and correct the reference point to improve the mold processing accuracy. After processing, the accuracy test is performed directly on the workbench, which saves the repeated disassembly time of the workpiece and avoid the processing errors caused by repeated disassembly.

Multiple Workpiece Machining
  • Compensating the 3D flatness of workpiece automatically.
  • Compensating the Axis rotation of workpiece (AR) automatically.
  • Measuring the processing reference point Automatically.
  • It processes auto wire threading (AWT).
  • It automatically processes to next workpiece after completion of the working.


Standard Accessories

  • XY axis linear scale
  • Brass wire x 1 spool
  • AWT
  • Clamping tool x 1 set
  • Ion exchange resin x 10L
  • Vertical alignment jig x 1 set
  • Paper filter x 2 pcs
  • Diamond guide x 2 pcs
  • Upper and lower flushing nozzle x 2 sets
  • Energizing plates x 2 pcs


  • Clamping Beam
  • W-Axis
  • AVR 15KVA
  • Jumbo Feeder L-50A
  • Transformer 15KVA
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Signal Tower
  • Remote Monitor System
  • Auto measurement system
  • Super Finish Circuit